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May 17th, 2018

Source: ew.com

Let’s face it: The Backstreet Boys never really left, and to prove it they just dropped a new single titled “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” which will be followed by a jam-packed year. Not only will the Boys return to their Vegas residency for more dates, but considering that 2018 marks their 25th year together, they’ll also be dropping a new album … or two.

EW talked to band members Brian Littrell and AJ McLean about what to expect from BSB in 2018 and beyond.

The new single

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was released Thursday.

LITTRELL: We’ve recorded maybe 10 or 12 songs and this one just hit. It kind of screams Backstreet Boys.

MCLEAN: To me it sounds like if you were to mash-up The Weeknd with the Bee Gees. It’s reminiscent of old-school Backstreet Boys, like Millenium days, with a more modern twist to it. It’s a feel-good record.

The new album

The band’s upcoming 10th studio album is expected in the fall.

MCLEAN: The album is slowly starting to take shape. There’s been songs that are pop-country, songs that are straight urban R&B, songs like “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” which is almost borderline EDM. We’re fans of all walks of music and that’s what you’re going to hear on this album.

LITTRELL: That was a great answer, AJ. I’m not even going to attempt that one.

MCLEAN: Thank you, I had that one written down just in case. [Laughs].

The Vegas Residency

The Boys return to Sin City in July.

MCLEAN: Nine shows was the original deal and then we added nine more and nine more and then an additional 52. We love it out there. It’s become a second home.

LITTRELL: For us, [Vegas is] a perfect fit. I hope we can extend again and keep going, because it’s a cool thing to be so close to your fans and we’re doing three shows a week. To be honest, it’s cake. It’s like eating wedding cake every day.

MCLEAN: He’s not lying.

LITTRELL: After 25 years of traveling the world, it’s nice to have your family and to sleep in a temporary bed for a month and to go into the office and see those smiling faces. You don’t have to pack your crap and load your tour bus or get out of town. It’s been a positive blessing for us.

The tour

In March of 2019, the band will once again hit the road.

MCLEAN: This tour will commemorate 25 years together. Obviously we’re going to do the hits and then some stuff from our new album. We’re going to try to knock it out of the park.

Another album?

Something special is planned for late 2018.

LITTRELL: The fans might get two albums this year. To commemorate the anniversary, we got a lot going on. You’re going to get a brand new 10th album with all new material and then you might get a few surprises on another album, who knows? Never count the Backstreet Boys out.

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