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May 22nd, 2018

Source: TheBertShow.com

Brian joined the whole “The Bert Show” crew all morning (from 7am to 10am) and co-hosted the show with us.
Here are ALL the audios …

Brian Joins On The Entertainment Buzz!

The Never Heard Stories Behind The BsB Songs

The Blah Blah Game

Justin Bieber forgot the words to “Despacito” on stage, so he “blah blah’ed” the lyrics instead… and so, the “Blah Blah Game” was born. We listen to a song on headphones…and blah the lyrics. Everyone else has to guess what song it is!

And since we’ve got Brian Littrell from The Backstreet Boys in studio with us…so we’re gonna blah Backstreet Boys songs and he has to guess what they are!

The Contraction Contraption

The Contraction Contraption is BACK! In honor of all the moms out there who have gone through labor, we have the contraption contraction, which simulates labor pains (the cramping contraction part) in studio. It works through a series of electrodes that you attach to your abdomen, and it delivers an electric current (it’s usually used in physical therapy to stimulate the muscles.)

We’ve all done it…so we’re giving Brian two options: he can get hooked up, or we’ll pull a name out of one of us – Cassie, Keity, Walter – out of a hat and one of THEM will do it.

We’ll ask Backstreet Boys trivia, and every song he gets wrong, we’ll turn up the intensity.


Rapid Fire Plead The Fifth

We’re taking a page out of “Real Housewives” creator Andy Cohen’s book from his late night talk show, “Watch What Happens Live.” When he has a celebrity on, he gives them THREE questions, and they’re only allowed to skip ONE – a.k.a. “Pleading the Fifth.”

We’re dishing out FIVE questions, and because Brian from the Backstreet Boys is hanging out with us in studio, we’re putting HIM in the hot seat…and it’s RAPID FIRE.

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