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April 12th, 2019

Millennium’s first single and hit song I WANT IT THAT WAY is 20 today! (ouch… 20? really? I feel old all of a sudden haha)
The boys shared this special Millennium 20 Edition of the iconic music video…

April 11th, 2019

In this new episode, Brian talks about their vegas residency; BsB – Larger Than Life.

Watch the episodes 13 & 14:
Ep13 – Cruises. (Nick)
Ep14 – Tours. (Howie)

Source: BsB YouTube Channel

April 3rd, 2019

It’s now official; Baylee is joining the BsB on the N-A leg of the DNA World Tour!
Where will you applause him? 😉

Video posted on the BsB’s Facebook page and Twitter account

April 2nd, 2019

They’ve been to everything together…
AJ talks about BsB’s history in this new episode of the BSB 23 Chrosmosomes serie!

Source: BsB YouTube Channel

March 28th, 2019

In the 11th episode of the BsB 23 Chromosomes Serie, the boys are talking about the style of clothes they went to… *memories* lol

Source: BsB YouTube Channel

March 26th, 2019

The episode 10 of the BsB 23 Chromosomes Serie is here.
AJ speaks about the BsB videos.

Source: BsB YouTube Channel

March 21st, 2019

The 9th episode of the #BSB23Chromosomes serie is here!!
Brian is talking about the awards they won… and about the fans support and love for so many years 😊

Source: BsB YouTube Channel

March 19th, 2019

The episode 8 of the BsB 23 Chromosomes Serie is here. Nick is talking about the albums…

Source: BsB YouTube Channel

March 14th, 2019

The BsB just unveiled the episode 7 of the BsB 23 Chromosomes Serie…
and this one is all about us — the fans ♡

Check the others episodes about the other BsB :
Ep 04 – HOWIE
Ep 05 – KEVIN
Ep 06 – NICK

Source: BsB YouTube Channel

February 28th, 2019

The third episode of the serie BSB 23 Chromosomes is here and its all about Brian !!!

The second episode was about AJ McLean – you can watch it HERE.

Source: BsB YouTube Channel

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