KY Music Hall Of Fame – More Pictures!
  • April 11th, 2015
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More picture from the KY Music HoF ceremony!!
Those ones are from

Kentucky Music Hall of Fame 2015 ( +14 photos – #035 to #048 )

KY Music Hall Of Fame 2015 – Videos
  • April 11th, 2015
  • admin published videos from yesterday on their YouTube channel

At the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame induction, Brian Littrell recalls growing up in Lexington, and his first singing gig.

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell Talks about the secret to a successful music career before the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. Interview by Hannah Scheller, video by Rich Copley.

Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson recall playing back-to-back shows at Rupp Arena in 1999, and Brian talks about the piece of UK basketball history he owns. Interviews by Hannah Scheller and Rich Copley. Video by Rich Copley.

Accepting their induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson reflected on growing up in Kentucky and discovering music and a love of harmony. Video by Rich Copley

Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson perform ‘Larger Than Life’ with bluegrass musicians Carson McKee and Josh Turner at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony on April 10, 2015 at the Lexington Center in Lexington, Ky. Video by Rich Copley.

KY Music Hall Of Fame 2015 – pictures
  • April 11th, 2015
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Here’s some professional pictures from yesterday’s ceremony…

Kentucky Music Hall of Fame 2015 ( 34 photos )

( Photos #001 to #017 credits to Newscard / Photos #018 to #034 credits to Getty Images – all pictures have tags on! )

[BLC Exclusive] KY music Hall Of Fame 2015
  • April 11th, 2015
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Yesterday, Brian and his cousin and fellow BsBoy, Kevin Richardson, were honored at the Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame 2015
Brian’s cousin, Amanda, kindly accepted to take over the IG account of the site to keep us updated on what was happening there… ^^
Here’s the numerous pictures she shared…

Kentucky Music Hall of Fame 2015 – Brian’s cousin, Amanda, took over BLC IG account! (17 photos)

… and for all the videos, click visit the BLC instagram accont where you’ll be able to watch 35 videos (WOW!!!!!!)

Thank you VERY much Amanda for accepting to do it!!
Do not use those pictures and videos without Amanda‘s and/or BLC permission!!

Instagram – Gallery Updated !
  • April 10th, 2015
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It took me some days… *oops* but here’s the lastest photos from Instagram!!

Instagram @rokspics ( +5 photos – #293 to #297 )

Instagram @leighlittrell ( +2 photos – #070 and #071)

Source: @rokspics and @leighlittrell

Happy Easter !!
  • April 5th, 2015
  • admin


To celebrate Easter, here’s a little video of Brian, performing “You Alone” during the Glory Revealed tour (in 2007)
(Credits for the video Kevin Gilmore on YouTube )

#BsBTheMovie – VH1’s videos
  • April 4th, 2015
  • admin

VH1 broadcasted “Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” yesterday evening…
Here are videos they posted on their facebook page

“Brian’s favorite moments of ‪#‎BSBTheMovie‬…”

“The minute Kevin realized: “Holy crap, it’s happening!” ‪#‎BSBTheMovie‬

“The BsB took the good with the bad with Lou. Learn more about their experiences here…” ‪#‎BSBTheMovie‬

“You’ve got to be able to make fun of yourself, and the BsB are all about that!” ‪#‎BSBTheMovie‬

“The respect and admiration that the BsB show for each other is truly beautiful thing. Watch as Brian opens up about his struggles with his vocals”. ‪#‎BSBTheMovie‬

“This was so hard to watch, but it was all out of love.” ‪#‎BSBTheMovie‬

“It proves to me that we can do anything if we do it together.” – AJ McLean ‪#‎BSBTheMovie‬

In Loving Memory of Johnny ‘Q’ Elgani
  • April 3rd, 2015
  • admin

In Loving Memory of Johnny ‘Q’ Elgani

Through their two decades together, one man was by BSB’s side through thick and thin – Johnny “Q” Elgani.
Sadly, Backstreetdom lost its brightest smile 15 months ago, but the guys paid tribute to Q by dedicating Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of to the much-loved bodyguard.
While it’s a big week for the documentary as it makes its TV debut on VH1, it’s also a significant week for the family Q left behind – his wife Angela celebrated their daughter Chloe’s first birthday over the weekend and says that her adorable girl reminds her of Q more and more everyday.

“Chloe is a doll – such a beautiful light! I see him in her in many, many ways … everyday. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes I think he’s in there somewhere.
“As for me, I’m better and stronger … yet there is not a second that goes by that I don’t think of him or miss him tremendously. I still hurt, but I push on for Chloe and him, how I think he would want me to. That is how I honor him daily.”
As Q’s long-time love, Angela witnessed the close bond that he shared with BSB and the role he played in both their personal and professional lives over the years.

“He was always there and experiencing a lot of the same feelings that they felt – like how fast they gained success,” she says. “He was with them through growing pains as a group and individually and he was always looking out for their best interests, even when they may not have known it themselves.
“It’s funny how fans call him the sixth Backstreet Boy … he did grow with them.

“He was always smiling, joking and keeping things light, fun and interesting to help keep the group moral high. He could also think quickly on his feet – it was like he was made for this job.”

Angela flew to Los Angeles with baby Chloe in January to attend the red carpet premiere of the documentary at Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinemas.

While it was an emotional experience, she enjoyed getting to see the film alongside BSB and their fans.

“Even though I know many parts of the story, it was nice to see the boys talk about their past, their home towns and their perspective of the whole journey. I was happy and sad… I cried with them…

“It was a really real, raw feeling and I enjoyed that.”

The band remains “family forever” to Angela and Chloe and she says all of the guys and their wives have been supportive since Q passed away, aged 40.

They remain in frequent contact – Nick’s wife Lauren organized Angela’s baby shower, while Chloe has enjoyed playtime with AJ and Rochelle’s two-year-old daughter Ava.

It was AJ who shared one of the closest bonds with Q and he says both he and the group have been shaped by the lessons and values Q instilled in them.

“Loyalty, camaraderie, family-first and honesty … we’ve learned to be honest with each other no matter what – even if you know you might hurt somebody, they’ll have more respect for you in the end if you’re honest from jump street.”

Documentary director Stephen Kijak adds that Q was around extensively during filming of Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of and the crew loved their time with him.

“We loved Q. He was with us on that whole hometown trip. He was the sixth Backstreet Boy – part of the band and like family. He took such good care of those guys and was such an awesome dude.

“It was so sad when it happened…. I can’t even put it into words. He was such a great guy.”

*Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of premieres on VH1 at 9/8c Friday!

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Brian Littrell headed to KY Hall of Fame
  • March 29th, 2015
  • admin

Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell headed to Kentucky Hall of Fame

Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys has a major reason to celebrate. He will be inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum this year.

Littrell will be joined by his cousin and band-mate Kevin Richardson (from the Backstreet Boys), in addition to country duo Montgomery Gentry, among other notable musical acts. The ceremony will take place on Friday, April 10, at the Lexington Center, Bluegrass Ballroom in Kentucky.

Aside from being a member of Backstreet Boys, Littrell is also a Christian music singer-songwriter, who has released a critically-acclaimed Christian studio album entitled Welcome Home.

This year’s honorees will join other Kentucky native musicians and professionals to be recognized for their contributions to the state of Kentucky and worldwide. The event will also honor those who have lent their time, talent and resources to preserve Kentucky’s rich musical heritage.

Digital Journal’s recent interview with Brian Littrell, may be seen by clicking here.

Their Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of) documentary, which came out in January of 2015, received a rave review from Digital Journal.

To learn more about the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum, check out its official website.

For more information on the acclaimed pop vocal group Backstreet Boys, visit their official homepage.


“BsB: Show ‘Em What You’re made of” VH1 promo video
  • March 21st, 2015
  • admin

VH1 will premiere the documentary “Backstreet Boys : Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” on Friday April 3rd.
Here’s the channel’s promo video…

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